A Better Battery Experience
Built with state-of-the-art technology and backed by a strong history of innovation, PosiCharge boosts performance and safety while reducing operating costs.

If you manage a facility with electric forklifts you know how costly, time consuming, inefficient and potentially hazardous the process of changing out electric forklift batteries can be. Battery changing has historically been a fact of life for material handling operations – but not anymore. PosiCharge eliminates this hassle by safely and quickly recharging your batteries during scheduled downtime – without the batteries ever leaving the vehicles.

Improve your operation’s performance, increase employee productivity and ensure their safety by optimizing your assets with PosiCharge. Our technology dramatically improves your battery management experience – no matter your industry.

Improved Productivity, Improved Performance

Amp up the performance of your workforce and your vehicles with PosiCharge. When you keep the battery in the forklift -where it belongs- during charging, you don’t lose time to battery changes, safety checks and travel time. The vehicles stay productive and are able to recharge during scheduled breaks, lunchtime or shift changes. Running all day on one battery is possible with PosiCharge.

As each forklift battery is connected, our unique Battery RX technology identifies and automatically customizes charge cycles to the specific forklift and battery. Optimal charging levels are maintained, temperatures are regulated, and each battery is safely charged to the maximum.

Run all day long on just one battery – no changing necessary.

battery State of charge vs. time: POSICHARGE smart charging vs. battery changing
Reduced Operational Costs

With over 22,000 charging stations delivered and installed, our PosiCharge systems have a proven track record of prolonging battery life and saving money.

PosiCharge extends battery life and eliminates the need for a dedicated battery room, allowing you to use that space for more productive activities. Cutting your battery inventory by half, freeing up space in your facility and reducing wasted labor helps you optimize your operations and save!

A Safer Workplace

Your team’s safety is our top priority. Doing away with forklift battery changing means your employees no longer have to handle heavy, toxic batteries or risk cross-plant traffic accidents while driving to the battery room.

You will no longer need HAZMAT and eye washing stations, and won’t have to install special ventilation. Eliminating these risk factors can also end up saving you thousands in medical costs.


PosiCharge™ intelligent fast chargers are designed to improve working conditions.

Having fewer batteries also means less hazardous material in your facility. PosiCharge helps you achieve corporate social responsibility goals, such as reducing your CO2 footprint and lead, steel, and sulfuric acid consumption.

Get In The Know

Switching to PosiCharge technology has resulted in millions of dollars worth of cost savings for our customers and created a safer working environment for their most valuable assets – their employees.