Convenient battery charging? What was once an oxymoron is now a reality with PosiCharge. It's impossible to adequately illustrate how completely PosiCharge transforms the vehicle-charging standard. Imagine rows of PosiCharging stations placed right where your operators park their vehicles for breaks, lunches, and shift changes.

Instead of waiting until state of charge levels are dangerously low and then driving to the battery room, waiting for a change, and driving back, your drivers now work continuously - stopping to charge only during regularly scheduled breaks and shift changes. When they're ready to take a break, operators simply park next to the PosiCharge station, plug in the connectors without having to worry about buttons to press or data to check, and then go on break or leave for the day. While operators are on break, PosiCharge quickly and safely increases battery state of charge. When they return, vehicles are charged and ready to go, with more than enough power to make it to the next break or shift change.