If you are building a new facility and would like to increase throughput dramatically or if you have an existing facility and would like to increase your capacity to meet your growing business needs, PosiCharge is the answer. If your corporation is interested in taking an enterprise approach to increasing productivity across multiple facilities, PosiCharge technology will help you increase throughput, decrease build-out costs, and increase corporate profitability.

PosiCharge eliminates non-productive battery charging time by charging electric vehicles during breaks, shift changes, and lunches. This means that the valuable time your operators spend driving to and from the battery changing room, and the additional time spent on actual battery changing will be converted to pure productive time spent building and moving products instead of driving and waiting.

When audited, PosiCharge customers have shown non-productive time of up to an hour per truck per shift. PosiCharge can bring tens of thousands of productive man-hours back to a facility per year, translating to millions of dollars worth of additional products made or moved annually without the cost of building additional manufacturing facilities or distribution centers.

The productivity improvements that PosiCharge brings are impressive- let us help you optimize your facility and achieve maximum productivity today.