Cost saving

PosiCharge can improve your bottom line by eliminating battery changing and other costly capital equipment, lowering battery maintenance costs, and significantly reducing daily operating costs. For starters, because PosiCharge requires only one - not two or three - batteries per truck, your initial battery purchases decrease.

Fewer batteries means less maintenance, and no battery changing means no changing equipment. Superior battery management ensures that batteries maintain a healthy capacity much longer. And since non-productive battery changing time is a thing of the past, you will find that your people will have more productive time and may even need fewer trucks to produce the same throughput. Or, if you prefer, your facility can increase throughput while maintaining existing labor and equipment infrastructure.

Each facility has unique needs and challenges, and the PosiCharge team has experience with a wide variety of applications, including new, expanding, and existing facilities in every major manufacturing, retail, and wholesale industry.

PosiCharge will provide a complimentary review of your application, guaranteeing an objective look at whether our technology is right for you. Our Cost of Ownership analysis will deliver an accurate picture of annual cost savings, based on a simple survey populated with data you provide. We'll even work with your engineers and financial managers to identify valuable energy savings, which can be especially significant during periods of peak demand.