Tool and accessories

AeroVironment’s PosiCharge™ offers a full line of tools and accessories to complement our charger line, trucks and batteries. Fully optimized charging solutions are available to fit virtually any operation.

Fleet Accessories

Tools that monitor and manage your batteries and vehicles using AV’s advanced algorithms and user-friendly software so that you have ready access to your fleet’s battery information at your finger tips to allow quick responses to alerts and continued maximum efficiencies.

  • Battery Rx™ – monitors the battery and sends immediate alerts (launching in 2010)
  • PosiNET® software – collects data on fleet for analytics and reporting

Cable Accessories

  • Cable options that keep your chargers and cables organized and safely stored
  • Custom Charge Cable to fit every need

Battery Accessories

Options that deliver on thermal management, battery life, and ease of use – keeping your trucks charged and ready to go.

  • Plug-N-Charge – allows in-vehicle charging without removing cables
  • Auto Watering – provides automatic and accurate watering levels, every time