Smart Charging Systems for
Airport Ground Support Equipment


FastCharge revolutionised fast charging,

let us do the same for your operations!


​FastCharge Australia through its affiliation with Posicharge is committed to continually improve, enhance, and release new intelligent energy management products for the material handling market. PosiCharge parent company AeroVironment has been developing breakthrough power electronics and battery management technologies for over 30 years. PosiCharge systems – the most advanced line of fast chargers available today, is a product of this rich heritage.

When the AV Inc engineers developed the premiere fast charge system for electric cars, effectively reducing charge times by a factor of 12, they applied this revolutionary innovation to the world of material handling. They discovered that by applying PosiCharge to industrial applications, they could save material handlers millions of dollars annually by eliminating battery-changing operations. Moreover, PosiCharge makes the conversion from internal combustion to electric vehicles more affordable for operations executives and managers. Entire fleets of industrial electric vehicles that move, store, and make product for Fortune 500 companies are powered by PosiCharge, every single day.

Fast Charge Products & Solutions
Forklifts & Material Handling EQUIPMENT
Multi-Vehicle System

PosiCharge offers the highest performing, safest electric forklift battery charging solutions for both light and heavy MHE operations, with both single and multiple shifts, for round-the-clock performance

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Airport Ground Support Equipment
GSE Fast Charge

PosiCharge outdoor ground support fast chargers are durable and well suited for light or heavy duty airport GSE applications. Flexible installation options minimize infrastructure & installation costs.

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Battery Management Tool
PosiCharge™ SVS / DVS

PosiNet Systems and Battery Rx are software tools designed to manage your fleet's batteries effectively, minimize downtime, provide valuable insights and optimize vehicle battery charging within and across facilities.

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Cable & Battery Accessories
Watering Systems

Our unique cable and battery management accessories give you the ability to take your charger's performance and safety to the next level, with the confidence that comes with the PosiCharge reputation.

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How it Works

The key to operating all day on one battery is our peerless three-pronged technology that minimizes time, maximizes battery life, and enhances fleet management.

Power Distribution Technology delivers short, precise, high-power charges to the battery while in the vehicle. This allows vehicle operators to charge batteries in the truck and during breaks, lunches, and shift changes - completely eliminating the need for battery changing.

Battery Protection Technology identifies each battery as it is connected so it can automatically custom-charge several trucks and batteries of various size



Run all day with just one battery